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Imperial Palace Museum Lipstick Collection

$262 $294

Inspiration for the lipstick color:

A limited collection of lipsticks from Biohyalux and the Chinese Palace Museum Ignites Heritage Luxury. This is done by the Palace Museum Cultural and Creative Store, which has released many delicate and creative products based on a historical theme in recent years. The six colors include "Lang Yao glaze red," "Bean paste red," "Tourmaline purple," "Rose-purple," "Mermaid pink," and "Maple red," which are all classic colors in the sense of Asian beauty.

Inspiration for the lipstick casting:

The packaging of the lipsticks was inspired by patterns from traditional Chinese porcelain and embroideries. Featuring the fairy cranes, lucky deer, butterflies and bees, and embellished by flowers like hydrangea and chrysanthemum, the patterns on the packaging shows a refined traditional Chinese beauty. Besides, by the use of 3D printing, the packaging also presents the texture of embroidery, which makes it nearly a delicate art piece

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