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Biohyalux HA Aqua Moisturizing Toner (120ml/bottle)

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Biohyalux HA Aqua Moisturizing Toner is designed with Honeycomb HA, which is homologous to the human body, is specially added for a triple effect of moisturizing, moisture transporting and locking.

It can quickly permeate into the skin and replenish moisture & nutrients needed for the skin, promote the vitality of skin and maintain a good balance between moisture and oil, rendering skin smooth and glossy. It is also abundant in plant moisturizing ingredients which facilitate moisturizing in a more refreshing and thorough way. Locks moisture and keeps skin moisturized all day long.

Application Procedures:

After cleansing, use facial cotton to dip a proper amount (about 3ml) of the product and apply to face and pat face gently. It is better to use with other facial products of Biohyalux. 

Water, butylene glycol, pentlyene glycol, glycerin, dextran, niancinamide, sodium hyaluronate,hydrolyzed sodium hyalunate etc.

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