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Biohyalux HA Aqua Mild Cleanser (120ml/bottle)

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Product Details:

Biohyalux HA Aqua Mild Cleanser is designed with Honeycomb HA, which is homologous to the human body, is specially added for a triple effect of moisturizing, moisture transporting and locking. Deep cleaning with natural amino acid compound cleaning factors is mild and non-irritating.

Maintains skin's weak acid balance, and guards natural dermal barrier and washes up moderately dirt and redundant oil. Replenishes natural moisture factors needed for skin to form a moisturizing layer, facilitating skin to recover health after cleansing. Skin tightness does not occur after usage. Refreshing and skin-breath conducive, makes skin feel delicate and smooth.

Application Procedures:

Take a proper amount of the product on palm and apply evenly to face after full cleansing. Massage facial skin moderately in circular motions and wash up with warm water.

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