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Seagrape Deep Hydrating Water Gel Mask

$26.99 $27.99

Uncover the beautiful secret of Fan Bing Bing! The Seagrape Deep Hydrating Water Gel Mask is an exclusive "sandwich" innovative film mask cloth, which is made from sea grape extract from Japan, with strong moisturizing and repair effects to create "ice" clear and bright skin!

Product Features:

Hyaluronic acid ice-cold mask cloth: Combine the three effects of “net”, “fill” and “lock” into a film cloth. The inner layer of the skin absorbs heavy metals, and the middle layer contains hyaluronic acid, and the outermost layer is high-density fiber, which helps the skin to absorb moisture and locked.

Sea Grape Extract: The “green caviar” from the deep sea of Okinawa, Japan, helps promote collagen production and enhances moisturizing power.

5 kinds of vitamins B: including B1, B2, B5, B9, B12, help to regulate the skin, strong healthy skin barrier; adding triple molecule compound hyaluronic acid, hydrating the skin, make skin younger and fuller.

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