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BIOHYALUX® - Hymagic 4D Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Sclerotium Gum/Hyafactor TM -SG - Bloomage Biotechnology Corp ...

To put technology at the service of human health – that is our mission at Bloomage Biotech. It is with that idea in mind that our team has been studying the uses and applications of hyalorunic acid and its derivatives for more than twenty-five years. 

Sodium Hyaluronate/Hymagic-4D - Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., Ltd ...

At Bloomage Biotech we believe that all scientific progress should bring a positive impact on the way we feel, and for that reason Research and Development sit at the core of our identity.This has allowed our company to stay connected with main trends while driving innovation,and to ensure we are offering our customers and partners the best product possible.

Ergothioneine/Bioyouth™-EGT - Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., Ltd ...

BIOHYALUX® is a HA-based dermal filler. Once injected, BIOHYALUX® merges with the tissue, for an effect of physical filling. Because of this, it can be employed to add volume, reinforce facial contours and make wrinkles and facial lines fade away. 

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Our body naturally produces HA, but it is naturally degraded in less than three days. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and research, Bloomage has developed BIOHYALUX® using high-quality cross-linked HA. This kind of HA forms bridges between chains on the tissue and is thus able to withstand natural enzyme degradation for a longer period of time. Just like naturally-produced HA, BIOHYALUX®’s HA is metabolized into CO2 and H2O.


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